Knowledgeable Pasadena Attorneys Handle Probate and Estate Administration for Clients

Trusted law firm assists administrators and executors in Southern California

Dealing with probate and estate administration issues can be overwhelming for grieving families. At Alkana Law in Pasadena, CA, you can be assured that our attorneys treat every client with the same patience and sensitivity we would want for ourselves in similar circumstances. With over four decades of combined legal experience, our goal is to alleviate as much of the burden as possible from people who have been placed in the position of serving as the executor or administrator of an estate in California.

We help clients become administrators and executors

An administrator or executor must manage and oversee the estate settlement process from start to finish. An executor is typically named in a will, but when a decedent doesn’t leave one behind, the most capable and willing relative generally seeks court approval to become the administrator of the estate. Our law firm can help qualified individuals secure administrator or executor status so that their loved one’s estate can be quickly and efficiently settled.

Helping clients through the probate or administration

Probate and administration are the processes by which the California courts supervise the settlement of a deceased’s estate. While the steps are clear, they are also numerous and must be done according to law. If you are the executor of a loved one’s estate, you have a responsibility to see probate through diligently and honestly. Most executors seek the assistance of an experienced probate and estate administration attorney to ensure all tasks are completed correctly. To complete the process of settling the estate, our law firm can help you with a number of tasks, including:

  • Securing court approval as the estate executor or administrator and posting the required bond
  • Filing the will with the appropriate probate court
  • Notifying beneficiaries
  • Locating and protecting assets
  • Valuing assets
  • Paying qualified creditors
  • Collecting money owed to the estate
  • Distributing assets to the beneficiaries

It’s far too easy for an estate representative to overlook a critical deadline or make some other crucial mistake due to stress or inexperience, and it’s not uncommon for disputes to arise among beneficiaries, which can complicate the process. Having strong representation in your corner can ensure you avoid costly missteps and make sound decisions throughout the probate process.

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Estate administration can be stressful for someone who is unfamiliar with this area of the law. At Alkana Law, our compassionate and seasoned estate administration attorneys help people throughout San Gabriel Valley and Eastern Los Angeles County ease this burden. Call our Pasadena office at (626) 796-8170 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.