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Established California law firm litigates on behalf of businesses involved in construction, real estate and other disputes

If you own or manage a business, it’s very possible that you will become involved in a dispute at some point that will require legal assistance to resolve. At Alkana Law, our team of business law attorneys helps clients with a full range of business litigation matters. We use our more than 47 years of combined experience to advocate for your business inside and outside the courtroom and fight for the positive outcome you deserve.

Representing parties in breach of contract cases

For business owners, it’s critical to know the next steps if you are a party to a contract that hasn’t turned out the way you expected. Our attorneys can help you enforce your legal rights with respect to business contracts through a variety of means, including litigation. Some forms of relief we can help you get include damages and specific performance, which involves the other party having to fulfill their end of the contract.

We also defend clients who are accused of breaching an agreement. Whether you are involved in a breach of contract case alleging failure to pay for products or services, failure to deliver products or services, missed deadlines or something else, you can count on our sound counsel to help resolve your issue.

Litigating various construction law disputes

When you are dealing with commercial construction project, even a minor disagreement could cost your project time and money. Our accomplished lawyers represent businesses, property owners and contractors in a full range of cases arising from disputes related to project delays, performance, payments and injuries. We have the skill and background to handle construction litigation cases effectively, which often involve multiple parties and technical issues.

Addressing your real estate disputes

Real estate deals can be stressful and costly when they go wrong. If you are facing a real estate dispute, having an attorney in your corner with substantial knowledge of civil litigation and California property laws can make a difference in your outcome.

We will assertively apply our vast knowledge and resources to handle any disputes related to:

  • Commercial property sales
  • Real property contracts
  • Commercial Landlord-tenant issues
  • Commercial Evictions / Unlawful Detainers
  • Commercial loans

If you are facing a commercial real estate dispute, our law firm will work towards an expedient and optimal solution.

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